Reconditioned 1991 Volvo 240 Sedan (244)

  • Location: Holley, New York, United States
  • Make: Volvo
  • Model: 240
  • SubModel: 4-door Sedan
  • Type: Sedan
  • Trim: DL
  • Year: 1991
  • Mileage: 198,592
  • VIN: YV1AA8847M1457034
  • Color: White
  • Engine size: B230F 2.3L 4-cylinder F.I.
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Power options: Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Interior color: Tan
  • Drive side: Left-hand drive
  • Safety options: Driver Airbag
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
  • Options: Daytime Running Lights, Cruise Control, Heated Front Seats, Power Windows, 4-Speaker Sound System, CD Receiver, Driver Air Bag, A/C

1991 Volvo 240 DL overview

I purchased this car in 2009, to recondition for my daughter when she returned from grad school in England. I finished the car, but my daughter decided to stay in England to live & work after graduation. So the car has sat in my storage building, covered, for the past 8 years, coming out in the spring and fall for a bit of fresh gas & Stabil and a short trip up & down the road to warm it up and keep things working. I have the transferable title but have not licensed it after purchase in 2009, just have an old set of plates on it for my short warm-up runs.

This beautiful 1991 white Volvo 240 sedan is now for sale, it's time to free up the space in my storage building.

I've been driving & maintaining Volvos since the 1970's. We're a vintage Volvo family. Started with a '70 142S, then a '71 142S, '74 145E, '70 164S, '73 164E, '74 164E, '75 164E. Then on to the 240. An '84 245, '86 244, a couple of '87 244's. And our present daily drivers, an '87 244 and '91 240. I had also reconditioned a couple for my kids when they needed cars after high school, an '86 245 and '89 245. I have a lot of experience maintaining these cars, and have enjoyed working on them. The 240-series are great cars, with millions still on the road worldwide. Parts are still readily available.

I've gotten good at knowing what they need at what miles. When I purchase one for reconditioning I go over it front-to-back, top-to-bottom, inside-and-out. When I'm finished, they look & run great, ready for another 100,000 miles!

Clean body with excellent shine, some minor imperfections but overall very nice. The interior is immaculate. Nothing missing or broken, everything works.

In addition to the standard features like rack&pinion power steering, 4-wheel power disc brakes, driver air bagand heated front seats, it also has power windows, cruise control and daytime running lights. And a nice JVC CD Receiver, with VolvoSound speakers in the front & rear doors. Volvo floor mats front & back.

My goal was to provide my daughter with a nice-looking Volvo 240 that would reliably run another 100,000 miles. Starts right up, idles smooth & quiet, no check engine light, clean exhaust, runs/rides/handles great. It's ready to go except for the tires, they're worn-out & old, I wouldn't go too far or too fast with them. There's a Walmart Autocenter 3 miles away, I'd recommend placing a ship-to-store order to Brockport, NY for a set of General Altimax RT43 (185/70R14) and then have them mounted on your way home. I've run a lot of different tires on these cars over the years and the General Altimax is by far my favorite, it's like they were designed for the 240, the car loves them, and they're very reasonably priced (59 dollars apiece).

Owners Manual is in the glove box.

Send me a message with any questions.

What follows is a list of the parts replaced & work performed. I try to use OEM or OM parts, European parts as a second choice, US third, …, China last.

Replaced camshaft cover gasket.
Installed timing belt kit (CONTI timing belt, tensioner, camshaft seal, intermediate
shaft seal, crankshaft seal).
Replaced alternator belts (Goodyear Gatorback #15371).
Replaced P/S belt (Goodyear Gatorback #15340).
Replaced A/C belt (Goodyear Gatorback #17386).
Replaced voltage regulator.
Replaced air filter (Mann C3483/1 or equiv).
Checked motor mounts.
Cleaned grounding bolts on intake manifold.
Checked intake manifold bolt torque.
Replaced throttle body gasket, cleaned throttle body, adjusted idle stop, tested & adjusted throttle position sensor.
Cleaned brass nipple and installed flame trap kit (oil return hose, Y &element).
Checked air mass meter.
Replaced spark plugs (4, NGK V-power, stock#6427, part#BPR6EY, .028 gap).
Replaced distributor cap & rotor (Bosch).
Replaced ignition wires (Bosch).
Flushed cooling system, replaced coolant (Prestone Extended Life).
Replaced oil filler cap seal.
Changed oil & filter (4 qt.10W40 hi-mileage oil, Purolator L14670 filter).
Note to self: "Service" light will come on when oil change is due @ 4000 mi., the reset pushbutton is in lower right corner of instrument panel, use a wooden pencil with tip broken off & push to reset the light).
Checked crankshaft position sensor (recent "white label" Bosch already installed).
Checked tightness of engine oilpan bolts.
Replaced engine plastic splash pan.
Replaced missing front lower air guide.
Replaced exhaust manifold gaskets.
Replaced exhaust system (header pipe, gasket, MagnaFlow #23946 stainless-steel direct-fit catalytic converter & gasket #121511, cat-back Starla Sweden muffler/resonator/pipes).
Replaced oxygen sensor (Bosch direct-fit).
Replaced main fuel pump (Bosch 0580464068).
Replaced fuel filter (Bosch).
Replaced intank pre-pump, hose, filter sock.
Replaced fuel tank sending unit assy.
Replaced fuel pump relay.
Replaced AC relay.
Replaced accumulator.
Evacuated system.
Added oil charge w/ stop leak & enhancer
& charged with R134a refrigerant.
Packed front wheel bearings, replaced seals.
Checked front rotors (Note to self: use Dura International BR3472 when replacement needed).
Replaced front calipers.
Checked front brake hoses.
Replaced front brake pads (PBR Axxis Deluxe Ceramic 088-0639D silent dustless).
Replaced front rotor dust shields.
Checked rear calipers.
Checked rear rotors (Note to self: use Dura International BR3489 when replacement needed).
Replaced rear brake hoses.
Replaced rear brake pressure regulator assy.
Replaced rear brake pads (PBR Axxis Deluxe Ceramic 088-0407D silent dustless).
Replaced handbrake shoes.
Replaced rear rotor dust shields.
Powerflushed system (Valvoline DOT4 Synthetic brake fluid).
Checked steering rack boots.
Replaced steering shaft lower u-joint.
Checked outer tierod ends.
Replaced drivers-side inner tierod.
Replaced lower balljoints (1 per side).
Checked front struts & boots.
Replaced power steering fluid (ATF Dexron High-Mileage).
Checked driveshaft u-joints (Note to self: no grease fittings).
Replaced driveshaft carrier bearing & mount.
Changed differential oil.
Checked rear shocks.
Front alignment (toe & camber).
Changed filter & fluid (4 quarts ATF Dexron High-Mileage).
Replaced shift linkage bushings (2).
Replaced shifter shaft oil seal.
Replaced transmission mount.
Checked extension housing bushing & seal.
Installed overdrive blockoff plate.
Replaced front turn signal lenses (Alvo, Estonia).
Replaced headlight lenses (Alvo, Estonia).
Replaced headlight bulbs (Wagner Xenon BriteLite 9004BL).
Replaced taillights (Alvo, Estonia).
Replaced fuses.
Replaced center brakelight cover.
Replaced windshield wiper blades.

Due to factors beyond my control (one being that I have not put any significant miles on the car since purchase & reconditioning) it is being sold AS-IS with no warranty. I have described the condition of the car as best I know it but I cannot be responsible for any issues which may come up over time.


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